10 Signs You Should Invest In Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing

Most business owners understand that email marketing is one of the most powerful strategies they can use in their quest to build customer relationships and increase sales. Not only is it cost-effective, it allows you to target a specific audience, build your brand, and provides you with measurable results.

With a wide availability of programs and services out there, some businesses elect to handle email marketing in-house at first but, depending on their needs and goals, find that outsourcing their email efforts is more beneficial long-term.

Signs That Outsourcing Email Marketing Would Benefit Your Company

  1. Short-term or long-term goals? – First consider how you plan to use email marketing. Is it a strategy you plan to use sporadically or consistently? If your goals include using email marketing often, you’ll need to consider the other items on this list.
  2. You need creative ways to start or build your mailing list – Potential customers and clients won’t sign up for your mailing list without a good reason to do so. Building your list is an ongoing project and to truly grow it, you’ll need some planning and creativity.
  3. You hope to grow your business – Scalability is important. You’re working hard to make your business successful, to build and grow. Your mailing list and email marketing needs will grow also and you’ll need to navigate the changes that come with such growth.
  4. You’re short on time – Depending on the size of your team and the projects they already juggle, do you have the time to tackle email marketing in-house? When done well, email-marketing is time-consuming. It requires you doing everything from managing subscriber lists and requests to planning campaign strategies for your intended audience, designing emails, and more.
  5. You’re not sure what you need to send all those emails – Most email and web hosting providers limit how many emails you can send per day. There are services out there for sending large email campaigns but the cost goes up the more subscribers you have or the more emails you send.
  6. You need strong copy writers – Writing content is one of the most important elements of successful marketing in any format.
  7. You need technical people – While many programs for sending email offer drag and drop options, there will be occasions where customizations are necessary that require some level of HTML and, in some cases, experience with database administration.
  8. You need graphic designers – For a truly professional look to your targeted email campaigns, you’ll need logos and graphics designed and modified for a variety of formats.
  9. You need analytic skills – To be able to truly understand the results of your email campaigns, you need folks with experience analyzing open-rates, click-through rates, and more.
  10. Your newsletter should be integrated with your website, blog, and social media venues – Most businesses include their newsletter sign up on their website or blog but truly experienced marketers using social media along with email campaigns to take their marketing efforts to the next level.

Email marketing done well takes a lot of time and effort. Why not use that time and effort to focus on the heart of your business and let the experienced team at Creative Bytes Design develop an email marketing plan for you that highlights your business personality and helps you stand out among your competitors.

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