Email Marketing Service

Save yourself time and money.

If you would like to make more money, save time, and gain exposure to your business, then you need an email marketing tool that uses automation, improving your customer service experience. When your customers love you and feel appreciated, they will keep coming back and spreading the word about your brand, thus improving your customer service. We can help!

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Automate your email marketing.

Creative Bytes has a team of email marketing experts with a passion for helping small businesses succeed. We’re focused on your target audience, improving your customer service, and developing a strong brand.

Creative Bytes save you time, so you can focus on more important business decisions. We take away the day-to-day tasks of email marketing so you can focus on your business, and get your emails delivered faster than ever.

Gain Exposure

We help you gain exposure and communicate with your clients with our automated email workflows. Our automated email workflows allow you to segment your customers based on their social media engagements, purchase behavior, or overall interaction with your company all while keeping them engaged with your brand.

You no longer need to buy a mailing list or pay for mailing labels to send out information to your customers or clients. Build your own database of clients that recognize your brand, love your products/services, and most importantly want to hear from you. You can send an email notice of new products or services that you become aware of as well as share important information such as upcoming sales or promotions.

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