15 Tips on How to Make Your Social Media Post Go Viral

So, you finally got on social media. There are millions of people out there, and you want to reach as many of them as you can with a post that goes completely viral. Yeah, you and everyone else out there. So how do you hit that sweet spot that makes a post explode in popularity? Well, here are some tips you need to keep in mind.

Tip #1: Pictures Are Worth More Than Words

If you want a post to be seen and shared, make sure it\’s got an arresting image or video in the display section.

Tip #2: Provide A Call-To-Action

If you want to go viral, ask people to like and share the post. Those numbers add up, and people are more likely to share when you ask them to.

Tip #3: Be Useful

Life hacks are one of the most commonly shared kinds of content. People who can see an inherent value in a post are more likely to share it with friends.

Tip #4: Be Interesting

There\’s a guy named Matthew Santoro on YouTube, and his channel is largely made up of videos that are just him telling his viewers interesting factoids. He has millions of followers. The lesson? Conversation pieces get shared.

Tip #5: Tag Properly

Hashtags and keywords matter when it comes to getting your post seen. So make sure you choose the best ones before posting.

Tip #6: Check Your Spelling and Grammar

The Internet hates it when you misspell something. So if you want to get popular, make sure your text is proper.

Tip #7: Launch a Contest

People love giveaways, and if the only way to enter the contest is to like and share your post, prepare to watch your numbers grow.

Tip #8: Engage on an Emotional Level

Remember the ASPCA commercial with the sad puppies and the heart-wrenching soundtrack? That\’s the sort of thing that goes viral. Remember, positive goes over better than negative, but extremes on either side get a lot of action.

Tip #9: Start A Discussion

Whether it\’s a civil discourse or a flame war, conversation in the comments keeps the post fresh, and it means more people will see it.

Tip #10: Post Everywhere You Can

Don\’t just make one post on Facebook and forget about it. Make posts on every applicable group, social media platform, and page. Every spin could mean a fresh jackpot.

Tip #11: Find Influencers

Influencers are people with big audiences who command a lot of attention. They\’re typically celebrities, or other famous people. If you can get them to share your post, that will boost your signal in a BIG way.

Tip #12: Be Current

No one cares much about a movie that came out eight years ago. If you\’ve got some sneak preview information for the next big release, though, people are going to listen. Better, they\’ll share.

Tip #13: Be Evergreen

Whenever you can, make posts that don\’t have an expiration date. That\’s not always possible, as new books get old, presidents retire, etc., but try to keep it in mind.

Tip #14: Be Controversial

Whether you\’re pro or con on an issue, take a strong stance. Both the love and the hate from readers will draw attention, and attention is what you need to go viral.

Tip #15: Be Accessible

Viral posts tend to speak to things that most people experience, or can sympathize with. That\’s why you see so many cute puppies, sad stories about health insurance, or catastrophes. The more accessible your post is, the more people will be able to identify with it.

These are just a few simple tips to helping your content go viral. For more advice, and help, simply contact us today!

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