Business Owners: 10 Quick Tips to Set Yourself Apart from your Competition

It doesn\’t matter what your business is, the industry is going to be competitive unless you have an extremely niche specialty, but if that were the case, you likely would not be looking for tips on how to set yourself apart. We are not here to tell you to think outside the box because when gathering tips, we did just that looked outside the box to find real avenues for business improvement!

Ten Tips to Set Yourself Apart

  1. Be an Expert in Your Field

Customers look for and appreciate ownership they can rely on. Always look for and participate in professional development and list certificates and classes you take on your website. Demonstrate that you have a true interest in your field and strive for self-improvement.

  1. Social Media

It\’s easy to post on social media, but make it a point to network with like-minded businesses and even your competition. Respond to comments and questions left and show your customers that you are personable and no matter what industry you are in, every single customer or client is important.

  1. Dress for the Job You Want

Even if your industry is laid back, if you look good, you are going to feel good. As exhausting as running a business can be, always make time for self-care because it will resonate with every aspect of your business.

  1. Know Your Competition

Study your competition and look for ways that you can offer something they do not. Maybe it is free shipping, maybe it is a military or student discount, or even something as simple as having mints in the lobby. Exploit ways that you can be unique, and your business will thrive.

  1. Be Present

Obviously, setting goals is immensely important, but never forget to be present in your daily tasks. Enjoy moments with clients and take the stress of more business and more money out of the equation, let it be and watch the satisfaction of those around you grow as your business does. Practice mindfulness and know that all will be well, as long as you are doing the best you know how to.

  1. Simplicity

Our society is all about ease and accessibility, look at ways that your product can be more intuitive and accessible for the digital age. Perhaps it is an app for the phone or guaranteed two-day shipping at an affordable price or same-day delivery. Be flexible and look at ways to be more available.

  1. Loyalty

Come up with a customer loyalty program, customers love coupons or the promise of a free service for loyalty. This will keep them coming back.

  1. Set Quarterly Inventory

Set time aside on a quarterly basis to take inventory of what you have accomplished and what you would like to accomplish in the coming months. This way, you can be grounded and present in your daily life, yet know that you will have the opportunity to reflect and set attainable goals you can feel good about.

  1. Newsletters

Write a newsletter, maybe monthly or even weekly. Send it out to customers to let them know what the latest happenings or your business are and share about upcoming events, sales or opportunities. This is not only a great way to remain connected, but seeing your company name come up in their e-mail box will place your product under their eyes at no cost to you!

  1. Hire a Designer

If you happen to be a graphic designer, great, but for those of us who are not that gifted, hire someone. Do not attempt to design yourself, at least have a consultation. Clients want to see updated and modern media which reflects your brand or service. Set a strong first impression, professionally.

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