Top 10 SEO Myths You Need to Avoid Believing

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is a key element in affecting the visibility and ranking of your website through search engines. Before you get started with your website’s optimization, here are some common myths to be aware of.

  1. SEO doesn’t matter. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, there are literally services that provide SEO for companies, because it is a science. Why have a website if no one is going to find it in a search engine? Keywords are extremely important, as are meta titles and if you don’t take control of your SEO, Google isn’t going to do it for you, you’re in control of your website’s search engine destiny!
  2. SEO doesn’t need to be updated. Everything in life needs to be updated to follow the market and trends, why would SEO be any different. SEO must be updated and monitored on a semi-daily basis to ensure ranking and visibility remain as high as possible.
  3. SEO is dishonest. Well, maybe, if you plan to use click-bait keywords. If used correctly, SEO will manage search engine results to best tailor to the person searching and if your SEO accurately represents your website and you believe your website is the best, how could that be dishonest?
  4. To make the most of SEO, you need to max your keywords and meta tags. This goes back to honesty, do not use click bait keywords, only use the words you need to represent your website, the number of keywords aren’t going to make a difference, the words themselves are the difference.
  5. Links are everything. Don’t believe everything you read; links are not everything to SEO. Similar to keyword count, relevance is everything and if your SEO is relevant, you will see results.
  6. Domain age. The older your domain, the more successful your SEO. Sure, if you have regularly maintained your SEO and have a consistent visitor base, this is true. If you’ve had a domain for years and updated your SEO twice, it will be as successful as a 6-month old domain that has been updated twice. Consistency and awareness are key components.
  7. Website visitors start at the front page of the site. You need to SEO every page of your website, think of all the opportunities you have to bring traffic to your site in general if you have every page to SEO and once a visitor is there, they can navigate to other pages. Look at every page as an opportunity!
  8. Don’t pay for SEO. SEO is an investment and a necessary element to your success, so if you are not an expert and would like to flourish, it is worth the investment!
  9. Content doesn’t matter as much as keywords. This is completely untrue. Content is just as important as keywords, if not more so. You want to create content that is reliable and relevant. Hire a copywriter if you’re unsure of your abilities to write content with useful SEO!
  10. Images don’t make a difference. Oh, but they do! And they should be optimized for the best results!

As you can see SEO is not a single element, but many evolving elements that must be maintained, if you would like more information or help in getting started contact us.

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