5 Effective Marketing Tactics for B2B Sales

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In today\’s digital world, there is no shortage of marketing tactics that you can use to grow your business.  The challenge is in finding ones that will actually work.  While there is no shortcut to success, there are smart steps you can take to give you an advantage.

Let me countdown my top five favorites…

#5 Referral Marketing

Simply put, this strategy uses existing customers that you already have to get more customers in the door.  This is a great way to get started if you don\’t have a large online following and your website traffic is smaller than optimal.

In the B2B space, this can include things like launching an Affiliate Program, Referral Program, or Partner Program designed to incentivize customers to refer business to you.

#4 Earned Media & Public Relations

The best things in life are not given, they are earned.  Business is not an exception.  Earned media is when you get free word-of-mouth, links, and recognition without having to pay for it.

You can\’t rush this process.  It has to happen organically.  However, that doesn\’t mean that you don\’t have anything you can do.  Your goal is to create content worth talking about.  You need to create blog articles, videos, podcasts, infographics, PDFs, and other materials that people will find helpful and engaging.  When you do that, they will naturally start to share it and talk about it.

#3 Networking Events

I know I talk about digital marketing.  It\’s more effective than most offline techniques for a fraction of the cost per lead.  But offline events have their place.  Anytime you can get out and network and shake hands with other business owners, you can build relationships.

Building relationships is crucial to business success, especially when you\’re targeting other businesses.  You will find that those relationships last longer, turn into more profit, and result in more referral business.  This can include attending things like local networking chapters, trade shows, expos, and other local business events.

#2 Social Media Marketing

This is one that\’s talked about by literally every marketer.  Social media is where your audience is.  It\’s where people build relationships with your brand and learn to trust you.  It\’s where you go to find them and convert them to local brand followers.

When you use it the right way – to build relationships – then it truly is powerful and a tool that anyone serious about their marketing should be using.

#1 Retargeting

Of all the tactics out there, this is one of the most powerful and under-utilized.  Retargeting is more technical.  It\’s not hard, but it does require thought and organization.  You have to think through what you want to happen when someone views but doesn\’t click.  Clicks but doesn\’t convert.  Converts, but has room to be upsold further.

If you can figure that out, you can be the creator of the ads that follow people around the internet.  The ones that stay with a person, but evolve as they grow and move through the pathways you\’ve laid out for them.  You can build a relationship in an automated way.

So there you have it – my top 5 marketing strategy tricks for growing your business and attracting new business customers.

If you have any questions, don\’t hesitate to reach out!

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