Why Businesses Like To Make Their Customers Cry


Laugh, Cry, Or Be Angry

In fact, be anything but nonchalant. A dismissive attitude means there\’s no connection, and that means the advertisement has failed. Failed to get a reaction, failed to meet people on an individual level, failed to make an impact.

Feelings Trump Logic

Like it or not, emotions play a big part in the decision-making process. All of the facts can be laid on the table, but in the end, the decision will come down to what looks better or provokes an emotional response.

A quick look at data provided by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, or IPA, shows the clear preference of emotion-driven advertising. Successful businesses that used only emotion in their ads did twice as better as those that used only rational persuasion. They even fared better than businesses that used both.

Is Happiness Always Better?

Ads that make people feel good might be more effective, but ultimately it\’s more important to stick with an emotion that is associated with a core aspect of the business. There are many other routes a company can choose to go.


It is often seen in a negative light, but anger can be a good thing when the passionate fire encourages action. The word \”action\” should not mean \”punching\” or refer to other destructive behavior, but be more of a \”save the world\” thing. The idea is to promote a desire to change injustices in the world or to protect others.


There are many commercials that cause tears to well up and the throat to tighten. They tap into a universal spot that causes even the most calloused person to dab at their eyes. Maybe it\’s about mothers, or children, or puppies. Whatever the subject was, it pulled heartstrings and will be remembered for it.


No one likes to feel afraid, but it can be effective in advertising when done properly. Feeling unsafe, afraid of doing something wrong, or not being like \”everyone else\” can strongly influence a person.

Danger Zone

While many businesses have caught on to the impact emotions have in advertising, it is a risky game to play. Backlash from the public can be loud and furious if an ad crosses the invisible line.

A company has to be \”all in\” if it decides to push the emotional buttons. Sometimes it\’s better to use a mix of emotions and logic. The payoff might not be as great, but it\’s a safer road.

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