How to Easily Create a New Lead-Generation Services Page that Converts Well

Does your website content inspire people to act? If not, then why?

To convert services page visitors into leads, you need website content that inspires visitors to jump down off of the fence and consider buying your product or service. You need to use the right words, format, and strategy in your writing to hit your target audience. Otherwise, your words become wasted space on a page.

As you create your own  lead-generation services page, make it more compelling by considering these top tips:


Organize the page well to make a quick impact.

SEO experts advise this kind of layout to start out with:

  • Include your key pitch in the first section. What exactly are you offering and what qualifies you as the right person to do it? Keep it short and to the point. A primary keyword should go here. If you need help determining which keywords to use, just contact us. We can help you research that.
  • Break down the rest of it into several sections without making any section longer than about three paragraphs. Each section needs a clear heading. If you do this part well, then someone who sees your page for the first time should be able to understand your key points easily just by reading the headings. Ask a friend who has never seen your page before if they can understand your page by the headings alone, and then you\’ll know if you\’re on the right track.
  • List your services clearly. Next to each service, add all of the benefits of that service that your specific customer can look forward to.
  • Have only one goal for your services page. Ask your visitors to do one thing. All of your website content needs to direct them to take that next step. Encouraging people to do several different things on one page just weakens your message and your conversions.


Take away their fears about buying by offering a money-back guarantee.

Truly valuable website content is backing your offerings with a guarantee. It shows that you take pride in your business, and it also increases your chances for building brand loyalty to gain more long-term customers as well.

According to Aaron Wixon at

Studies show that – at most – less than 2% of people actually take a service provider up on a guarantee. That means that out of 100 clients, you\’ll maybe get two who ask for a refund.


Show them how your product or service has worked for others.

What good is a list of services without relatable proof about what they can do for the customer? That\’s why you should include testimonials on your services page. Don\’t put any general review here. Instead, choose comments from your previous clients where they describe the problem they had and how you helped them solve that problem. If they\’re not directly saying these things in the reviews, then reach out with surveys and ask them for feedback to get more specific details that will look more compelling on your website. If you offer freebies in exchange for this feedback, then you\’re likely to get more responses too.

As content-marketing expert Aaron Orendorff explains:


I\’m sure you\’ve heard the old saying \”People buy with their hearts, then justify it with their heads.\”

So while you must speak to the heart of your visitor, you also need to provide proof for their heads.

Testimonials are the primary way you provide that proof.


Create content that snags customers instead of creating just another dull webpage.

You can quickly tell which services pages perform well. They answer the problems of real people. They do not talk all about how great your business is. They focus more on helping the customer. The articles are easy to read and have a clear purpose. You don\’t scroll more than halfway down the page and still wonder what the point of the webpage is. Instead, the purpose is clear and relatable. Plus, it\’s something you enjoy reading.

We understand that writing compelling sales copy is harder than it looks. Don\’t feel too frustrated if your services page isn\’t converting visitors into leads because our lead-generation consultants can turn that around for you. Let us use our experience to help you. Follow this link to get a free consultation. Contact us today.

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