3 Steps to Building Ideal Client Profiles for Your Marketing Platforms

You know the importance of creating personas and client profiles for your marketing program. You know it will help you to target only your best prospects, allow you to specialize your content accordingly and ultimately, save you time and money. It may be challenging, however, to know where and how to start this process. Today, we\’re discussing three steps to begin building your ideal client profiles.

Identify Your Best Clients

While you may believe you have a good understanding of who your ideal client might be, it\’s best to begin by analyzing the characteristics of your existing client base. Narrow down your best five or six best clients. Depending on your industry, your ideal clients could be based on revenue statistics, specific products or services purchased or overall business relationships. Understand what makes them your perfect client and use those traits to compile data for your new ideal client profiles.

Engaging Discussions

Reach out to this list of existing, ideal clients and have conversations with them. Consider conducting interviews with those decision makers to understand various aspects of their industry. The goal is to collect as much insight as you can about their specific challenges, decision-making processes, influencers as well as relevant company data. Ultimately, you\’ll want to be able to design a profile based on this, best customer, information.

Compile and Create

With all of your best customer data in hand, you can now begin to compile and create your ideal profiles. Compile your list of best clients and look to identify any comparative similarities between them. Include demographic basics, industry objections, purchasing processes, goals and communication preferences. Involve your sales teams and marketing staff in this client building process. Write a thorough profile with each of these company data points and consider creating a short version, with an easy-to-reference name or title.

With ideal client profiles, you can then be intentional about your marketing and advertising efforts. Use this data to craft compelling content and speak specifically to the needs and challenges for which you\’re prepared to offer solutions. A roster of client profiles can be just the tool you need in your marketing bank, to streamline your strategy. Contact us if you need help reviewing your current ideal client profiles or have questions about starting the profile-building process!



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