Facebook Watch: Is Facebook\’s New Video Platform Equivalent to YouTube?

Facebook has recently released a new video platform called Watch. There\’s been much to-do about whether Facebook has positioned themselves to beat YouTube. But does it stand a chance?

What is Facebook Watch?

Much like YouTube, Facebook Watch is a video platform. It\’s integrated into the Facebook app, under the \”Videos\” tab that you may have ignored until now. Facebook released the platform last August and emphasizes a focus on original shows.

Watch is organized by categories. Some, like Gaming or Sports, are expected. But other categories unique to Facebook include \”What Friends are Watching,\” \”What\’s Making People Laugh,\” and \”Most Talked About.\” The latter two categories are determined by the number of laughing emojis on a video and the number of comments a video has received.

Facebook has also emphasized their intention to cultivate talents and boost up-and-coming creators, something YouTube has been criticized for hindering. So which one is better, Facebook Watch or YouTube?

Why Use Facebook Watch?

  • Easy access
  • Large audience available
  • Low barrier to monetization

Facebook Watch benefits from being built into the Facebook platform, where access is just a tap or a click away and your audience spans over 1 billion users around the world. True to their intentions, creators can easily monetize their videos with ads after submitting a short application. By contrast, YouTube requires creators to reach 1000 subscribers and produce a minimum of 4000 hours of content within a year before they become eligible. While Facebook\’s requirements may change (and already have), at the moment Watch is easier for small users to monetize.

Why Stick with YouTube?

  • Ability to follow your favorite creators
  • More personalized recommendations

YouTube still holds an advantage over Facebook Watch in some areas. Most popular creators haven\’t made the shift to Watch and may see no reason to do so. Your favorite creators may remain on YouTube, while new talents may find it easier to break into the Watch market.

Your YouTube (or Google) account is tailored to your interests, demonstrated by your viewing history. While Facebook collects more information about its users and has the potential to provide more accurate video recommendations, it hasn\’t yet done so. Facebook Watch is organized into broad categories that may seem irrelevant compared to YouTube\’s recommendations.


As experts predict, Facebook Watch does appear poised to become serious competition for YouTube, but they have a long way to go. For more social media tips and marketing advice, contact us today.

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