7 Websites Optimized For Generating Leads And Why They Work

The Appeal Of Certain Websites

Whether actively searching for information or mindlessly jumping from topic to topic, it\’s inevitable that you\’ll stumble across both good and bad examples of websites.

Some are the pinnacle of marketing ingenuity while others show an obvious lack of knowledge in anything related to the internet. The site might be accessible and easy to navigate, but it lacks visual appeal, does not hold interest, and drags. The rare attempt to access anything is aborted because of the long wait for a page to load.

Or maybe it\’s in between. Not fantastic, not boring, and it gets the job done…IF you are there for a specific reason. Anyone stumbling across it won\’t stick around.

Why They Work

If you own a business, small or large, and have a website (and by now you should), then your goal is to want people to check it out, to sign up for something, and to come back. This draws in new customers and builds brand recognition. It can be tricky to know what works and what doesn\’t, so here\’s a look at 7 websites that are optimized for lead generation and why they\’re so effective.

1. Trulia

By simply entering an address and clicking a bright button, you\’ve started the process of finding the value of your home. More information is entered after that first step, but they make it easy to begin. A simple layout and minimal information is non-threatening and quick.

2. Teambit

Illustrations of office animals make this landing page fun. The cartoon animals rave about Teambit, making their short form even easier to fill out.

3. TransferWise

Their many options could become confusing, but TransferWise limited distractions by offering three easy-to-see choices. One click will lead to the service needed, without navigating through unnecessary information.

4. Muzzle

The purpose of Muzzle is to stop on-screen notifications, so what better way to make you want the app than by bombarding you with the main thing it\’s supposed to prevent? Their clever popups will snag you even if the app doesn\’t.

5. Shopify

Bullet points make this page easy to read, clearly explaining the benefits. Important information isn\’t lost in paragraphs. A quick skim and an easy form is all it takes.

6. H. Bloom

Beautiful pictures, lots of white space, and a clear description of what you\’re signing up for make this page high-impact.

7. Bills.com

Going through a few \”qualifying\” questions before getting to the form gives this an exclusive feel. Building anticipation and making the customer feel special makes supplying additional information almost gratifying.

The Common Denominator

Simple landing pages, clear instructions, contrasting buttons, and a unique twist can make the difference between a site that generates leads and a site that flops. Knowing what will work can be time-consuming, expensive, and hit-or-miss. For more information, contact us today.

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