Send the Right Email and Become Vital to Your Customer

Email correspondence is the backbone of your business. Providing the right solution at the right time can catapult you into a position that leads to repeat sales in the future. Putting yourself in this position means delivering the right message at the right time.

Use the following three stages of contact effectively to builds relationships and create repeat customers. They are awareness, consideration, and decision (also known as Buyer\’s Journey).

Recognize Your Customer\’s Goal

Awareness helps build trust between you and your prospective customers. This may require reviewing their websites to see what their goals are and discussing their future expectations. These steps require a little effort but can develop long-lasting relationships.

These associations allow your clients to make decisions based on the information you give them. It\’s important that you present it in a reliable, accurate manner that highlights your experience and knowledge. This is a major part of your inbound marketing process and ensures that you get to the second step in the process, CONSIDERATION.

Your email should indicate your understanding of their needs with easy to follow solutions. This makes the DECISION process simple for everyone. The answer to their problems leads us to values they appreciate.

Continue to Provide Them Value

Since your solutions make their job easier, it is a valuable service to them. Continue to follow-up emails thanking them while keeping their goals in mind. Remember you want them to open your emails and the best way to do that is to make sure they want to engage with you.

Show them how you added value to their lives or improved their job and how you can continue to meet these needs. Making their life easier and more enjoyable saves them a. This will bring them back when they have future issues that need addressing.

Meet or exceed customer expectations in order to keep a healthy relationship growing. Like your plants, working relationships take a little TLC.


Professional inbound marketing teams help streamline the process and ensure you target the right audience with a reliable email campaign. This encourages your current clients to respond to you while reaching out to new customers. This reduces your workload while helping develop strong ties within your niche and improving sales.

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