No Spam Zone: 5 Tips to Effective Email Marketing

Not seeing the results you want from your attempts at email marketing? Email is an important part of your overall marketing strategy, but it is a lot more complex than just typing a message and hitting send. Here are a few tips to upping your email game.

  1. There\’s a person over there. Do you like to be spammed with unsolicited advertisements that have nothing to do with who you are and what you want out of life? Of course not. Neither does anyone else. Keep it personal. Always include the name of the individual you\’re contacting. Only market to people after they have indicated an interest in being marketed to.
  2. BYOFC. Bring your own fan club! Ideally, email marketing is a continued conversation with a lead that you have developed from another marketing channel, such as social media. Engaging and interactive social media posts are an introduction to those people. They\’re the opportunity for those people to see you in action, decide they like you, and let you know they like you. That\’s how you get fans. Or, in marketing-ese, how you develop leads.
  3. Keep Talking. So you\’ve developed your leads. You\’ve engaged said leads in a one-on-one conversation via email. What now? Keep talking and keep track. If the lead transitions into a customer, keep track of what the customer ordered. Check-in with them to see if they received the product, if they like the product, if they have any questions for you. If the lead replies but doesn\’t make a purchase, add them to your list of people to follow up with. The conversational ball is in your court, so don\’t drop it.
  4. Time and place. There is truly a time and place for everything, even email marketing. If you have a lead that responds to you through email, keep the conversation going there. If you develop a solid lead on social media who doesn\’t respond to your email, try contacting them on the messenger function of the platform where you met them in the first place. Part of the work of marketing is finding out not only what your potential customer needs to see, but where they are most open to receiving the message.
  5. Focus on your why. As stated by author Simon Sinek, \”People don\’t buy what you do, but why you do it.\” Organization and a firm focus on your goals help you to remember not only your why, but that marketing is, above all else, a conversation between one human and another.

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