14 Free Advertising Solutions for Your Business

14 Ways to Get Free Advertising for Your Business

Do your leads pan out? Is your audience failing to interact? Are you falling short of your goals? Have you become an interactive player in your industry?

We\’ve been there. Here are 14 solutions that we use to tackle these issues and get free advertising to grow business.

7 of the Easiest Ways to Get Free Advertising

  1. Promote your website on your email signature line. When you answer emails, make sure they include a link to your website and content. This promotes within the industry and keeps your clients informed allowing them to share your information. Cha-Ching, free advertising.
  2. Offer a free interview to the podcasters you listen to. Seriously, contact them. Why? These companies often transcribe the programs to use as ADVERTISING. Make a deal to share the content on their website showcasing products, services, etc.
  3. Network. Talk to people, ask questions, and find solutions to problems. Interact with them and get twice the work done. This grows your audience and talking is FREE.
  4. Give away something. It costs a little money but a lot less than advertising. Offer a product or service to a charity, community, or a family in need. Your name will become common in these circles and all you did was supply something you already had on hand at NO EXTRA CHARGE. They pay for advertising.
  5. Take to the Forums. You\’re in the forums looking for answers, so are other people. They are your future customers. Answer their posts and interact (it\’s usually free).
  6. Offer a guest blog post. Spend a few hours writing to answer questions and solve problems. Not only will this link you to another site, it grows your audience and offers solutions.
  7. Use your Social Media. Most of these platforms are free and you already use them. This gives you twice the reach with little effort and almost no expenses.

7 Innovative and Fun Ways to Increase Free Advertising

  1. Make your website an Interactive Showroom. Since many websites use videos or interactive content as part of their business, share them through emails, chats, or social media. This puts you in front of their friends, business partners, and customers.
  2. Publish a book. Self-publishing is easy and nearly free. There are sites to help you with the process. This gives you a product that is evergreen and creates an easy giveaway that you can use repeatedly for no extra charge.
  3. T-shirts. They\’re not free but definitely innovative. You buy shirts for your employees and the more your purchase the less they cost. A few extras make a great customer reward and great donations. You never know who is going to see your logo and remember it in a time of need.
  4. Offer merchandise or services if they include your business logo. This prominently displays your business during an event, often over the course of days and weeks leading up to the actual date. This increases your advertising potential exponentially.
  5. Use Partnerships to Increase Advertising. Sounds risky, even unethical but think about it this way. Sharing videos, content, or products through interviews or blogs creates free advertising for you and it gives them access to YOUR audience.
  6. Engage in Humor. Use puns and jokes that are respectful but highlight the humor in your industry. Customers appreciate it when shows your lighthearted side. Post it on social media; it gives your audience something to share.
  7. Put your logo on EVERYTHING. Letterhead, clothing, emails, your car, pens, and even paperclips are all in line to pull double duty and save you money.

You\’re working hard already so make sure it does twice the work for you. Sign up for even more tips and tricks to increase your business without increasing the workload.


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