COVID-19 and Marketing: What To Do When Reopening Is On The Horizon

As the COVID-19 pandemic slowly recedes from the world spotlight, many businesses are contemplating if and how they should pivot their marketing efforts toward the \”new normal.\” The fact is, it is impossible to say exactly what the state of affairs will be after the next several months have passed. Some companies are already back in full swing; others are still reeling from the economic effects of the coronavirus.

As reopening is on the horizon, what should you do to ensure that your marketing efforts remain impactful? Here are 3 tips that may help:

Balance Empathy With Optimism

The average consumer has dealt with a lot of adversity over the past several months, and it\’s vital that companies acknowledge the stress and anxiety that their audience is still facing. On the other hand, marketing messages should focus on the positive. Consumers are hungry for \”hope-filled\” messaging, without an undue emphasis on the problems facing people today. A balanced tone is essential as you forward with your marketing efforts.

Double Down On Email Marketing

Since the coronavirus exploded onto the world scene in early March, consumers have much more willing to open and read emails from trusted companies. Take advantage of this trend by refining and revamping your email marketing initiatives. Include attention-grabbing subject lines with words like \”free,\” \”don\’t miss out\” or \”limited time offer\” to entice your target audience to open. Address the situation in direct but optimistic language, and extol the benefits of your product or service to your beleaguered audience.

Continue To Invest In Strong Content

COVID-19 or no COVID-19, content is still king. A strong content marketing strategy will enable you to continue pulling new prospects into your sales funnel. Not surprisingly, overall internet usage has surged during the last few months; use this trend to your advantage. By continuing to invest in high-value content, you\’re setting your business up for sustainable success.

To learn more about how to effectively market as COVID-19 slowly fades into memory, reach out to our team of helpful experts today!

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