Buzzwords, De-Buzzed: 10 Phases To Use Instead Of \”Happy Customers\”

We all know that every customer-service oriented company has its list of company \”buzzwords\” that they require their employees to use. These kids or practices have been around for an extremely long time and it can feel like every company uses the same phrase to describe how they want their clientele to feel when they are done with their service: happy customers.

In and of itself, \”happy customers\” isn\’t a bad turn of phrase. It accurately describes how they want their clients to feel when they walk out of the store, sign off chat, hang up the phone, or receive their order – and it sounds good to the consumer because it describes exactly how they want to feel when they\’re done using whatever service the company provides.

The issue with it, though, is that it\’s too generic. Not only has it been used by every company out there, but it doesn\’t specifically pertain to any particular field of commerce. You can have customers in a retail shop, in a hotel or bed and breakfast, in a subscriber group, the list goes on. Ideally, you want to cater to your \”buzzword\” to the specific demographic that you intend to serve.

So what can you and your company do to make yourselves stand out among the rest when it comes to customer service? Utilize new words – new phrases to describe how your clients will feel when they are using your specific services.

Here are 10 ideas to get you started:

  1. Satisfied Guest
  2. Valued Client
  3. Contented Customer
  4. Valued Patron
  5. Preferred Partner
  6. Valued Guest
  7. VIP Subscriber
  8. VIP Guest
  9. VIP Member
  10. VIP

Depending on the service that you offer and you target demographic, you will want to choose a phrase that they want to hear – if they are paying for a premium service, something like \”VIP\” will conjure up an image of prestige and status that they are paying for!

Want some help picking the best buzzword for your target demographic? Contact Us, we are here to help!

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