5 Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Online Sales This Holiday Season

2020 has been an anomaly for businesses worldwide. With this year\’s unique holiday season on the horizon, online business is expected to be the way to make money. As businesses and customers shift online, online shopping and sales volumes are projected to set records. So, how prepared is your business for the 2020 holiday season? Not sure? Well, now is the right time for you to reach out for a plan that will get you ready to win over online shoppers this holiday season.

Here Are Five Key Marketing Strategies You Will Need This Holiday Season

1. Paid Advertising.

Paid advertising is an attractive pre-holiday marketing strategy that will pay you off by yielding speedy returns. Pay-per-click, for instance, is a powerful traffic driver to your landing pages or website. YouTube and Facebook advertising are some reasonably priced forms of digital advertising that will boost online sales this holiday season.

2. Influencer Marketing.

You cannot ignore influencer marketing if you are looking to give your marketing efforts a much-needed shot in the arm. Strategically working with an influencer in your marketing activities, pre-holiday is a perfect opportunity to bring in and retain prospective buyers who get to remain even post-holiday.

3. Leverage On Email Marketing.

Sending personalized emails to customers with the focus on bundles for each of your email segmentation categories pre-holiday will help keep your brand on top of your audience\’s mind. By leveraging on a week on week email marketing campaign on your target customer base and past customers pre-holiday, you are setting yourself up to reap more sales during the holiday.

4. Marketing On Your Social Media Platforms.

A consistent social media presence allows you to tap into the significant potential your social media audience offers this holiday season. Customizing your message to the target audience on all your social media platforms ensures that you are speaking to the relevant market.

 Social media platforms that are most popular with your target audience hand you greater brand visibility, more inward bound traffic through links, and intimate customer experience through increased communication.

5. Rolling Out a Mobile Digital Campaign.

As a convenient way of reaching more customers, mobile plays a significant role in holiday shopping, a key reason why its growing popularity is expected to continue this holiday season.  

The text messages tool comes in handy as you look to increase mobile orders. Pre-holiday, interacting with customers, and sending personalized deals or even gift ideas to them is set to lure them into shopping. Offer an excellent buying experience to your customers by customizing your website and ads for a smooth mobile experience to support conversion and customer referrals this holiday season. Pre-holiday push notifications are a great way to drive traffic to your website or mobile app and greatly influence your online sales during this year\’s holiday online shopping spree significantly.

For more information on how you can boost your online sales this holiday season, get in touch with us to book a consultation to optimize your business.

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