The New Normal Shopping Practices: How to Boost Your Sales this Upcoming Black Friday

As the biggest shopping discount day of the year, stores overflow with holiday shoppers on Black Friday. Excited shoppers wait in lines for hours to get their desired goods at massive discounts. That is the traditional Black Friday. Or at least it was. Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, where social distancing is the new normal, this year\’s Black Friday will be different from what we know.      

Business owners are finding new ways to adapt their marketing and sales strategies to new shopping realities. As you prepare for a successful holiday season, here are four tips that can boost your sales this upcoming Black Friday.  

Double Down on Black Friday Promotional Emails

Black Friday online sales have significantly increased in recent years, and this year will cement that transition as the number of online sales is expected to skyrocket. Over recent months, a vast online demand has been witnessed as shoppers feel more comfortable shopping from home than visiting the store themselves. Take advantage of this trend and segment your email list using past purchase data, demographic information like location and gender to target your promotional emails to potential customers effectively.

Increase Social Media Ads

Tap the great marketing potential of various social media websites to reach out to even more people. For instance, if your email subscribers see your message again on Facebook, you will now attract their attention.

Build Anticipation and a Sense of Urgency

Getting people to see your holiday offers is only half of the job. You need them to actually buy whatever you\’re advertising. To do this, employ scarcity and urgency marketing tools. Use attention-grabbing subject lines such as \”limited time offer\” or \”don\’t miss out\” and create a teaser of your offers for the pre-sale campaign to spark curiosity and build anticipation in your audience. You can also use countdown timers in your emails to tick down days or hours left on offers such as flash sales, free shipping, etc.

Extend the Black Friday Period for In-Store Shopping

Although more online sales are anticipated this Black Friday, in-store shopping remains as relevant as ever. While enticing discounts are sure to drive shoppers your way, guaranteeing their health, safety and well-being will give you a competitive advantage this Black Friday. You can do this by extending the Black Friday period for a couple of days. People will love the idea of coming a day later and enjoying the same discounts and offers while avoiding the crowd of Black Friday shoppers.

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